Various Artists
"Music For Cocktails: Nu Disco Apres Ski"

Music For Cocktails is back for its 14th edition.

Following on from our summer release, 'Ibiza Jazz Lounge', we are turning down the temperature but boosting the musical heat with the snazzy new release 'Nu Disco Apres Ski'. This edition features the icy grooves and slick stylings of some modern Nu Disco classics with the traditional jazzier grooves and down-tempo grooves that we are famous for.
Things open up with the French classic 'Tout Est Bleu' from Ame Strong. This leads nicely into one of 2009's biggest Nu Disco nuggets, the Greg Wilson take on 'The Way You Move' which has just the right amount of jazz swing and slow-mo disco to make it a perfect touchstone for this album.
In the down-tempo department we keep things slick and quality with tracks from Denmark's Flipside, Motif (one half of Lux / Northern Lights) and Pete Gooding's and Steve 'Afterlife' Miller's new project No Logo.
Some off-piste disco swing is provided in the tracks by D-Pulse, Bearfunk's Stevie Kotey, San-Francisco-man Sorcerer and legends Blaze.
Slovenian Sare Havlicek compiles and mixes the CD and of course puts his own stamp on things with his sultry 'Deco Drive'.
Music for Cocktails returns in 2011 with more forays in all that is smooth, jazzy, down-tempo and quality. Hang in there cat.

01. Written By P Hospital & A Shafte.
Produced By A Shafte & Sab.
Published By Emi Music Publishing.
Licenced From Airtight Recordings.
02. Written & Produced By Humberto Matias & Rui Maia.
Published By Dharma Songs.
Licenced From Bearfunk.
03. Written & Produced By Klaus Bau & Sebastian Lilja.
Published By Copyright Control.
04. Written By R. Cannizzo, B. Falappa, N. Demaria, L. Saponaro & Benjamin James Smith.
Produced & Mixed By The Love Supreme.
Published By Dharma Songs / Copyright Control.
Licenced From Tirk Recordings.
05. Written & Produced By Andy Williams & Gordon Smith.
Published By Copyright Control.
Licenced From Bearfunk.
06. Written & Produced By C Ware, J Allen & T Alford.
Published By Copyright Control.
Licenced From Nuphonic.
07. Written By Klim Suhanov, Anton Kochnev, Semen Perevoshikov, Pavel Shutov, John Bryan & Hannah Mancini.
Produced By D-pulse. Vocals By Hannah Mancini.
Recorded By Sare Havlicek.
Published By Dharma Songs.
Licenced From Nang Records.
08. Written & Produced By Daniel Judd.
Published By Dharma Songs / Airbrush Dragon.
Licenced From Tirk Recordings.
09. Written & Produced By Stevie Kotey & Max Essa.
Additional Vocals By Kyle Chandler.
Published By Dharma Songs / Air State.
Licenced From Bearfunk.
10. Written & Produced By Alex Storrer.
Published By Copyright Control.
Licenced From Bearfunk.
11. Written & Produced By Darshan Jeshrani & Dan Balis.
Vocals By Lisa Shaw.
Published By Copyright Control.
Licenced From Tirk Recordings.
12. Written & Produced By Sare Havlicek.
Published By Dharma Songs.
Licenced From Nang Records.
13. Written & Produced By Steve Miller & Pete Gooding.
Published By Copyright Control.
14. Written By Aaron Taylor & Thomas Lemmer.
Produced By Thomas Lemmer.
Vocals By Lena Belgart.
Published By Dharma Songs.
Compiled & Mixed By Sare Havlicek.
Mastered By Eugene Rasini At Retreat Media.
Artwork By Rich Elson.
(P) & (C) 2010 United Recordings

1. Ame Strong - Tout Est Bleu
2. Social Disco Club And Maia - The Way You Move
3. Flipside - Movin On
4. The Love Supreme - Sugar [Social Disco Club Remix]
5. Fuzz Against Junk - Country Clonk [Hans-Peter Lindstrøm Remix]
6. Blaze - Moonwalk
7. D-Pulse - On A Highway To Saturn [D-Pulse Australian Shore Reversion]
8. Sorcerer - Chemise
9. Kotey Extra Band And Max Essa - Leave Me I'm Dancin'
10. Lexx - Sirocco
11. Arcade Lovers - Fantasy Lines
12. Sare Havlicek - Deco Drive
13. No Logo - Easy
14. Motif - Halo
15. Various Artists - Music For Cocktails: Nu Disco Apres Ski - Mixed by Sare Havlicek